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General Questions

What sizes of Disposable Plaster Trap are available?
The Disposable Plaster Trap is available in 3½ and 5 gallon sizes. It is designed for standard 1½ in. plumbling.

What is the main difference between the 2 sizes?
The 3½ gallon size cannister is approximately 11 inches tall and is suitable for most installation locations. The 5 gallon size is approximately 15 inches tall and is limited to more spacious locations. Both size containers are 12½ inches in diameter. The hoses are interchangeable between the two sizes.

How much vertical space is required for each size?
The 3½ gallon size requires a minimum of 19 inches of vertical space measured from the floor of where the trap sits to the bottom of the sink tailpipe. The 5 gallon size requires a minimum of 23 inches of vertical space similarly measured. The sink tailpipe needs only be 1 to 2 inches long.

How can the size of a currently installed Disposable Plaster Trap be determined?
If there is no size indicated on the sticker, then a 12-inch ruler can be used to measure the cannister. If the cannister is approximately 12 inches tall, it is the 3½ gallon size. If the cannister extends another 3 inches above the 12-inch ruler, then it is the 5 gallon size.

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Ordering Questions

What is the phone number for placing orders?
The ordering phone number is (224) 345-7701.

How else may orders be placed?
Orders may be faxed to (224) 345-7700. Orders may also be mailed to P.O. Box 16, Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056.

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Payment Questions

What methods of payment are accepted?
Payments should be made in US funds via check or money order made out to Olson Laboratories, Inc. Credit cards are not accepted.

Where is the invoice from which payment should be made?
The remittance invoice is affixed to one of the shipping boxes.

Where should the payment be sent?
The payment should be mailed to the following address: P.O. Box 16, Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056. Payments mailed to a different address may cause delays in processing and prevent future orders from being filled in a timely manner.

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