Changing the Trap

The accumulation level of residue within the trap can be visually observed through the natural, translucent material. The best time to check is each morning before the day's activities commence. Promptly replace the disposable container once the residue level is within 2-3 inches from the top. For maximum sanitation control, it is recommended that the disposable container be replaced at least once every 9 months regardless of the level of accumulation. Be sure to have a spare disposable container on hand at all times.

Changing the Trap

To change the disposable container where the connecting hoses do not exceed 12in. in length, unplug the hoses from the spout openings of the container and allow the excess water to gather within the recessed top. Secure the snapcaps over the spout openings, discard the used container, and replace it with a new one. To replace the disposable container for trap installations employing the longer length hoses, first disconnect the hose at the sink tail pipe, then bend it over so that the excess water within the hoses can be drained into an adequate receptacle. Once the excess water has been drained, disconnect the used container, seal the spout openings with the snapcaps and reconnect in a leak-proof and sealed fashion. Sufficiently aged or worn hoses should also be replaced. Again, check the trap at the beginning of the day to ensure timely maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

To help maintain sanitary conditions, it is recommended that a couple of tablespoonfuls of granulated powdered chlorine (as available from most hardware or pool supply stores) be flushed into the trap system at the end of each working week. Should any solvents (i.e., wax removers, film developer, etc.) be inadvertently washed into the trap system, be sure to thoroughly flush the trap with an adequate amount of water.

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